MacBook Repairs

Our experienced Mac Technologists are trained to tackle the most challenging repair jobs. If you are considering replacing your broken MacBook with a brand new one – why not try and repair it first? We have a No Fix, No Fee policy for Mac repair work. We offer competitive prices while ensuring our team of experts handle your computer with the highest level of care. We understand what it’s like going without your computer; we will do everything it takes to restore your machine to it’s fully functionality old self again! All our repairs come with a 12 months warranty.

Mac Water Damage

As soon as you get liquid in your MacBook you should stop using it! Turning it on allows electricity to flow through wet components making matters worse. It is best to minimize damage so we have a higher chance of fixing your mac.

Problems we will fix on your water damaged MacBook:

  • Not turning on
  • Freezing
  • Screen not working
  • Battery not charging
  • Keyboard not functioning correctly
  • Trackpad not functioning correctly

Due to the nature of liquid damage jobs, we cannot give a direct price. We are currently offering free diagnosis for MacBook liquid damage customers. Once we know what’s wrong with it we can give you a quote for the repair. For more information about Mac Liquid Damage click here

Price List

PLEASE NOTE: These are estimates and may change over time as components vary greatly in cost.

Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement Prices (incl. VAT) – Click to expand
2012 and before MacBook/MacBook Pro – Screen Glass Replacement£95.00
2012 and before MacBook/MacBook Pro – Top Lid Replacement£170.00
MacBook Pro Post 2012 (Retina) – Screen Replacement£425.00
MacBook Pro Post 2016 – Screen Replacement£475.00
MacBook Air Pre- USB-C – Screen Replacement£375.00
MacBook Air Post- USB-C – Screen Replacement£450.00
MacBook 12″ – Screen Replacement£425.00

TrackPad Replacement

TrackPad Replacement Prices (incl. VAT) – Click to expand
MacBook Pro 2012 and before – TrackPad Replacement£55.00
MacBook Pro Post 2012 (Retina) – TrackPad Replacement£95.00
MacBook Pro Post 2016 (Retina) – TrackPad Replacement£95.00
MacBook Air Pre- USB-C – TrackPad Replacement£75.00
MacBook Air Post- USB-C – TrackPad Replacement£95.00

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement Prices (incl. VAT) – Click to expand
MacBook Pro 2012 and before – Keyboard Replacement£140.00
MacBook Pro Post 2012 (Retina) – Keyboard Replacement£155.00
MacBook Pro Post 2016 (Retina) – Keyboard Replacement£175.00
MacBook Air Pre- USB-C – Keyboard Replacement£155.00
MacBook Air Post- USB-C – Keyboard Replacement£175.00

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement Prices (incl. VAT) – Click to expand
MacBook Air Post USB-C Battery Replacement£165.00
MacBook Air Pre USB-C Battery Replacement£105.00
MacBook Pro Post 2016 Battery Replacement£165.00
MacBook Pro Post 2012 (Retina) Battery Replacement£165.00
MacBook Pro 2012 and before Battery Replacement£105.00
MacBook 12” Battery Replacement£165.00

Data Recovery

Is your computer broken and you simply want the data from the hard drive rather than fixing it? No problem! We are happy to help. Price: £65 (incl. VAT)

Other Repairs

We charge £27.50 (incl. VAT) to diagnose your MacBook. Once we know what’s wrong with it we can give you a quote for the repair.