MacBook Liquid Damage

MacBook liquid damage is our unique speciality. A typical liquid damaged MacBook Air might cost £500-600 to repair with Apple. We would charge in the region of £220 providing the same result. In addition we provide a 12 month warranty on all repairs.

When your device is exposed to liquid, whether its coffee, wine, beer or fizzy drinks it will cause both long and short term issues.

Short Term
The liquid will short out components within your computer. Some of these will be high voltage and may burn out and require replacing where as others may simply require the removal of the liquid to function as normal.

Long Term
Liquids cause metallic components to corrode over time, even if you place a device into rice (We don’t recommend as it rarely works better than leaving the device in a warm place) or dry it out there is still lasting damage. The residue will slowly eat into metal components causing them to rust. Eventually the computer will stop working. Continued use of the device can speed up the rusting process.

First off the liquid needs to be removed, we can then assess which components have been affected and what needs to be replaced.
The next step is to remove residue from the liquid, we do this through the use of pure alcohol which dilutes any liquid before evaporating and totally removing the residue from the circuitry.
Finally we replace any damaged components before performing several tests to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Repairing a liquid damaged computer is considerably more cost effective than replacing it.